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SWORDE-Teppa Vector Control & Fly Swats

SWORDE-Teppa Vector Control Programme:

The Common House Fly

The housefly Musca domestica and the common cockroach Blatta orientalis are a great problem in the long and very hot summers of Tajikistan, other Central Asian countries and hot countries throughout the world. These insects are not only a great nuisance, but are also known to be the main cause of the spread of diseases such as dysentery and diarrhoea. Such diseases are big killers in the poorer parts of the world, especially amongst infants and the very young. There are many ways of controlling these pests including attention to basic hygiene, insect traps and chemical sprays. Fly swats are a means of controlling houseflies and cockroaches, where people cannot afford other measures, such as chemical spraying and traps.

The housefly is an unattractive insect and a ubiquitous carrier of many infectious diseases, some of them fatal. In Europe it is more of a nuisance than a health hazard simply because standards of hygiene are strict and outbreaks of infectious disease very rare. But in hot countries where people are either ignorant of, or persistently ignore elementary health precautions the housefly is a severe pest. Diseases such as dysentery and typhus are commonly spread by houseflies. The flies settle on excrement of people or animals and then land on other people or their food, infecting them with bacteria and other dangerous pathogens. Dysentery is the biggest killer of children in the third world.

The Common Cockroach

Community education, Shaartuz, Tajikistan

The common cockroach is a familiar household pest across most of the world. It thrives on warmth and feeds on waste matter, commonly found in kitchens, bakeries, restaurants and homes. Cockroaches can do a great deal of harm. Because they feed on waste matter, they ingest or carry around on their body large quantities of pathogenic germs which, when excreted or carried mechanically, pollute any food with which they may come into contact.

Although modern hygiene standards have reduced their numbers in most households, they are still a great problem in hotter countries where these hygiene standards are not kept. Moreover in very hot countries, the pathogens spread by the cockroaches grow at an increased rate and can easily get to sufficient numbers where they can cause symptoms of disease.

SWORDE-Teppa’s vector control programme in Tajikistan and Central Asia provides specialist training, information for the general public and educational materials about houseflies, cockroaches and other vectors and their control. SWORDE-Teppa works with the community, local authorities and institutions and partner organisations. SWORDE-Teppa also distributes free and subsidised fly swats to the poor in Tajikistan. Money raised in Tajikistan from any sales of flyswats is ploughed directly back into community health projects.

SWORDE-Teppa fly swats have a large surface area thus it is easier to hit the target as well as being very useful as a small fan to cool down in the warmer conditions. Heat is also a killer, especially for the infirm and elderly. This use as fans is also of great importance in very hot countries, such as Tajikistan, where the summer temperature can reach 50C+ and people have not electricity or the means to buy ventilators, electric fans or air conditioning.

Ozone friendly fly swats

Ozone Friendly Fly Swats For Sale:

SWORDE-Teppa vector control programme also offers fly swats for sale to the general public and business. The proceeds from these sales go directly to support SWORDE-Teppa charitable projects and activities. PLEASE help us to raise vital funds by purchasing these flyswats.

Global warming and warmer summers have lead to more houseflies, wasps and other nuisance insects during the summer in recent times in the UK and other temperate climates. These pests visit us either in the house or around the summer barbecue.

We have the answer to these problems, “Ozone friendly fly swats” they are ideal for controlling these pests in house or garden and by using these fly swats no polluting chemical sprays are needed and are also endorsed by pest control experts.

We are in the position to offer these new British designed and manufactured fly swats in three colours; red, blue and yellow or a colour of your choice. The flyswats are 44cm long, with 14cm wide swat end. The handle has space for organisations or company labels and logos. The cost of these fly swats is only £200.00 per thousand (20p each) plus VAT and delivery. Please note that we offer special discount prices to other charities or for charitable projects in developing countries.

Please feel free to contact SWORDE-Teppa fly swats at; 32 Exeter Close, Tonbridge, Kent TN10 4NT, UK or by telephone 01732 355833 or e-mail at for further information regarding these charitable fly swats.

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