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Our Projects and Developments

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SWORDE-Teppa is an International organization. SWORDE-Teppa has a number of ongoing programmes and new projects being developed in the former Soviet Central Asian Republic of Tajikistan. SWORDE-Teppa is also developing proposals for projects in neighbouring countries and further afield.

About Tajikistan

Tajikistan is one of the former Soviet Central Asian Republics, with rich history, culture and variety of natural environments, from mountain deserts, grass steps, alpine meadows and the high Pamir mountains. It has recently emerged from a civil war in 1996 and is now eager for assistance in its future development. Tajikistan is a beautiful country, with very friendly people and a huge potential to rebuild itself and move further onto the world stage. See About Tajikistan.

SWORDE-Teppa in Tajikistan:

SWORDE-Teppa is based in the city of Kurgan-Tyube in the south west Khatlon region of Tajikistan. This is the poorest and hottest region of the former Soviet Union. SWORDE-Teppa has a dedicated team working within a number of projects in this region and other parts of Tajikistan.  Occassional international specialist consultants and volunteers work with these national personnel in their capacity building and training. SWORDE-Teppa does not waste valuable funding on sending expatriates to manage these projects on a full-time basis. All projects are managed by fully trained and qualified national staff. It is these people who know best what is needed in their own countries and it is these people who are better qualified to ensure that the projects are correctly implemented and made a success. We ensure that the very best national specialists are fully involved with the projects. We further consider it essential to fully involve the local community and authorities as far as possible to ensure long-term success and sustainability of the projects.

There are an estimated six million people directly or indirectly potentially benefiting from our various projects in Tajikistan.


Community Education, Kurgan-Tyube Tajikistan


SWORDE-Teppa believes education is key to the success of our projects and thus the future well-being and improved life of our beneficiaries. We have active education campaigns linked to all our projects in Tajikistan. We focus on our trained staff educating the community on various issues, such as; why sport and recreation is important for the health of the community, why English studies are important in some aspects of development, why protecting the environment is necessary, how to prevent malaria and control vectors, how to keep basic hygiene and health, how to care for animals and how to improve oneself and

MoH workers training in malaria control, Khatlon Oblast Tajikistan

Capacity Building and Vocational Training

SWORDE-Teppa offers more specialist training to people within our project areas. It is important to help build the capacity of the individual and institutions so that they may act for themselves in the future. Our specialist consultants and staff offer capacity building and specialist training in malaria and vector control to the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan, English, environmental sciences, sports and fitness and other specialist subjects in Universities in the Republic, specialist training to local organisations and international organisations. We also offer specialist training to any persons in the community who wish to study the subjects within our specialisation. General career development is also actively offered. Our focus is to give vocational training to improve employment prospects of people in great need of a decent income to support their families.

Swallowtail, entomological research project Tajikistan


Research is the cornerstone to the success of all projects. SWORDE-Teppa does not implement any project without first conducting detailed research. Further complimentary and supportive research is also carried out during these projects. See separate list of research projects pdf. SWORDE-Teppa also invites individuals and institutions from around the world to implement their own research out of our field centres in Tajikistan. SWORDE-Teppa will act as hosts, advisors and arrange security and help find local collaborators to these researchers whilst in Tajikistan. We believe that it is necessary for an exchange of ideas and research collaborations for the benefit of future projects and the development of society.

English students in city school, Shaartuz Tajikistan

English Centre

Many people in Tajikistan are eager to learn more about England and other English speaking countries. They also wish to learn and improve their English language skills. This is for a variety of reasons, such as; improved employment prospects, career development, studying and working abroad and leisure. There a many schools teaching English to beginners, (30 – 40% of ten to 18 year olds), as well as some limited teaching from international organizations. This teaching is not enough to serve the demand. As well as the lack of opportunity for beginners, there is a lack of specialist teachers and materials to serve the needs of people wishing to advance their skills and knowledge to a higher level.  See Introduction to English Studies Programme SWORDE-Teppa operates an English centre and offers similar facilities to a British Council. Our specialist English teachers help to train national teachers and other students and our library and other facilities are open to the general enthusiasts. Our staff and guest speakers also visit universities and schools in the area.

Students playing rugby in the Sarband Mountains of Tajikistan

Sports in the Community

This project provides opportunities to participate in sports seldom played in Tajikistan, but sports, which are commonly played around the world. The project also compliments the SWORDE-Teppa English Studies Programme, as the sports concerned, such as rugby, mostly originated in England and are widely played in English speaking countries. See Sports in the Community Programme The objectives are simple; to provide fun and leisure, enhance communication skills, give confidence, a sense of team spirit and improve physical and mental health and fitness and inspire community participation and enhance community self-respect and instill discipline. All this helps in the private and working atmosphere and the community as a whole and is a key component to a more fulfilled life. Further, studies show that sporting communities are able to work off tensions and through controlled competition, solve potential flash points. Therefore, this project will help in reducing the chance of crime or violence in the community as a whole.

Baby tortoise, Sarband Mountains, Tajikistan

Environment, Conservation and the Community

Our environment campaign is based on what benefits people can gain by protecting their environment. It is useless to preach conservation of the environment or endangered species to poor people who are only concerned with feeding their family. A rare animal to them is just food. We need to show people that they can gain benefits by protecting the environment in a sustainable way. Former hunters become tourist guides, farmers become custodians of the land and children become future naturalists. SWORDE-Teppa implements the Kurgan-Tyube Community Environment Project. Volunteer youth groups are concerned with helping in tidying the environment in Kurgan-Tyube city as well as the upkeep of more senior citizens’ gardens. We have also established the Kurgan-Tyube Conservation Centre. Data is being gathered in identified conservation areas by local volunteers. A data-base of information and photographs will be incorporated into new books about these areas. A number of native rescued animals will also be hosted at our centre for the general publics’ education. There are also plans to work with the local zoo in improving the life of its collection and converting it into a national conservation centre.

Anopheles Mosquito, vector of malaria

Malaria and Vector Control

Tajikistan and northern Afghanistan combined are forth most effected of the worlds malarious regions. There is a lack of specialist knowledge in the biology and control of disease vectors and thus great problems with many controllable diseases in Tajikistan and many of the few specialists who do exist are nolonger working in the health sector. There is also a lack of basic knowledge in the community as a whole and the simple methods of self-protection against disease. Other non-governmental organizations working in the health sector also require additional training and standards set. Correct health education is the key to combating these diseases and standards need to be set to ensure the success of many vector-borne disease prevention campaigns. SWORDE-Teppa assists in the above training. See Vectrol SWORDE-Teppa has years of established and good working relations with the Tajik Ministry of Health and is better placed than most to help improve the health sector. See SWORDE-Teppa’s malaria credentials SWORDE-Teppa also implements a pilot project in the local production and subsidized sales of mosquito nets in Tajikistan and research into use of other environmental or biological controls in fighting malaria. SWORDE-Teppa’s specialist consultants in the field of malaria and vector control are also available to individuals, other authorities, businesses and other organizations. Please contact us at for further details.


Nursery children huddled by stove, Pyanj in winter

Health and Hygiene

SWORDE-Teppa specialises on campaigns to tackle health and hygiene problems which are directly linked with the environment in which we live. This includes; awareness campaigns on many diseases caused by vectors, health problems with direct links to the environment and health issues borne from poverty and a lack of general education. We work with the community and health centres in providing information in the form of simple health messages, training and some equipment.


Amoor, Kurgan-Tyube Tajikistan

Veterinary and Agriculture

Since the break up of the Soviet Union and the civil war in the Republic of Tajikistan, the veterinary service in the country has become almost non-existent. Unfortunately, where humanitarian organizations have flooded in to the country in an attempt to support and re-develop the health sector, no organization is involved to any great extent in the vital veterinary sector. It is essential to have a correctly trained and equipped, specialist veterinary service in the country to ensure the welfare of the animals and their human companions and owners. Our goal is to significantly contribute to the improvement of the Veterinary Service in the Republic of Tajikistan and thus reduce animal suffering and disease, promote animal welfare and greatly lower the risk of animal-borne diseases effecting humans. Tajikistan is a mainly rural economy and we are also currently assessing the situation with crop pests in Tajikistan and their control.

Subsistence farming and mud houses, Tajikistan

Poverty Reduction

Poverty reduction is a key component to our goals. All SWORDE-Teppa projects are ultimately designed to help in the reconstruction and development of communities and in the reduction of poverty. These projects are thus designed to be sustainable and serve to train people for future employment and keep these people in work. Our projects directly employ hundreds of nationals. Many of these people in turn gain the experience and support to employ others.

For further information on SWORDE-Teppa projects please contact us at


SWORDE-Teppa is currently seeking finance to develop all of the above projects further. It is hoped that we will be able to duplicate these projects in other parts of Tajikistan and further afield.

SWORDE-Teppa’s specialist consultant in malaria and vector control was recently invited and took an active part in a malaria conference in New Delhi, India. SWORDE-Teppa was invited because of its extensive experience in malaria control in Tajikistan. As a result of this participation, further assistance in malaria control in Tajikistan has been secured by SWORDE-Teppa. It is also hoped

High mountain pass, Tajikistan

that there will be further developments in SWORDE-Teppa’s malaria and vector control programme.

SWORDE-Teppa’s first consignment of materials for our English and Education Centre in Tajikistan is building up and will soon be ready to leave the UK. SWORDE-Teppa is seeking funding to cover the shipment costs. These materials are vitally needed for the success of projects in Tajikistan and include; books, CDs, DVDs, video cassettes, computer software and hardware, sports equipment, office equipment and materials and other associated materials.

Please contact us about possible materials and collection at if you can spare good as new items, old stock, etc for our projects.

We have a special appeal for assistance in procuring the following: the above mentioned new or as good as new goods, as well as reliable 4x4 vehicles for use in Tajikistan. Any assistance would be vitally important to us. Please contact us at if you can assist in any way. See separate list of materials requested by SWORDE-Teppa project staff in Tajikistan pdf.

SWORDE-Teppa is seeking volunteers to take part in our programmes in Tajikistan. See Opportunities and Volunteers. For further information about volunteering please contact us at

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